Čo je bitconnect reddit


Jan 16, 2018 · "BitConnect X ICO is still functional and we are building an exchange platform on the BitConnect X website. With BitConnect X operating as an exchange platform, BitConnect Coin (BCC) will be listed there.

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Čo je bitconnect reddit

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Let’s take a look at this ICO and see whether it is a mere naming coincidence or whether it is a likely scam. BitConnect 2.0 is offering consumers a Ponzi-style scam to earn more funds with recruiting others. Users from BitConnect 1.0 are warning future users, but there … BitConnect Review - Does it really work? BitConnect is a Bitcoin and Crypto community platform which provides multiple investment opportunities. I have done an extensive research and I found out evidence to prove the BitConnect scam for more details Read this post! BitConnect combines the technological powers of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake to create what seems to be the next buzz in Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum..

The bitconnect scam is the biggest and most well known Ponzi scheme in cryptocurrency history. In just over a year, the ‘project’ managed to propel itself from an obscure ICO to a crypto project valued at a staggering $2.6 billion. Fast forward an additional 8 months and Bitconnect has managed to get itself delisted from every single cryptocurrency exchange.

After launching in early 2017, Bitcoin investment lending platform BitConnect became the largest scam in cryptocurrency ever. Here's how it pulled it off.

During the cryptocurrency market crash this week, we saw one of the most well-known and longest running ponzi crytpocurrencies eventually closing its doors.. Many people thought it was only a matter of time before Bitconnect would collapse and in its wake, leaving a swathe of unfortunate investors who thought that they were investing in a legitimate enterprise.

Čo je bitconnect reddit

May 30, 2018 · Bitconnect (BCC) is a company, an exchange, and a Blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Bitconnect is used to be described as a high-yield investment program. Guaranteed to earn investors up to 1% total return everyday or about 3,780% profit per year, Bitconnect offered an incredibly high interest rate to investors who would "lend" funds in Bitcoin (BTC) to various projects.

Čo je bitconnect reddit

NEM (New Economy Movement) is a dual-layer blockchain with 100% original source code. Launched on March 31, 2015, the NEM mainnet supports multiple ledgers on its cryptocurrency layer, and the NEM Smart Assets layer supports mosaics to represent any asset. Bitconnect (also spelled BitConnect and stylized bitconnect, ticker BCC) was an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the high-yield investment program (a type of Ponzi scheme) bitconnect.co. After the platform administrators closed the earning platform on January 16, 2018, and distributed users funds in BCC, confidence was lost and the value of the coin plummeted to below $1 from BitConnect is dead, but the success of BitConnect prompted numerous copycats (i.e. clones).

Čo je bitconnect reddit

Co se vlastně stalo? Bitconnect ve skutečnosti s kryptoměnami vůbec neobchodoval ani je 🔥 NÁKUP KRYPTOMĚN: ️ CoinMate https://youtu.be/ONI68R6xRsk ️ COINBASE + 10$ ZDARMA https://youtu.be/isJ1ndJtk10 💙 PODPOŘIT NÁS MŮŽETE: Bitcoinem: 37RJG BitConnect (BCC) was an allegedly open source cryptocurrency and the native token of the now-defunct ponzi scheme BitConnect. Launched in February 2016, shortly after the project itself, BCC aimed to function as the means by which participants in the BitConnect scheme invested and received payouts. “NoFap” is neither a verb nor a principle. It’s the name of an organization and its associated website, tools, and services. NoFap was originally founded by Alexander Rhodes on June 20, 2011 as a forum on the social media platform reddit and has since grown to become much more!

Well, you’ve reached your destination because I’m going to share the honest truth about BitConnect in my full BitConnect review. Before I start… If you’re tired of scams and want a real solution for making money online check out my no.1 recommendation. I’ve personally been able to Mar 08, 2021 · The Bitconnect Scam: The Biggest Price Plunge In Crypto History The Bitconnect scam will forever go down in history as one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams that ever took place . In the space of a couple of years, Bitconnect tricked thousands of people into investing up to $3 billion before being shut down , devastating the lives of many. BitConnect is a scam.. BitConnect Coin is a decentralized digital currency, an open-source and peer-to-peer protocol that allows people to invest their possession in a non-government related currency and stores it and even earn from these investments.

May 19, 2019 · The bigger news this week is how BitConnect is – once again – making an alleged return in a few weeks. It is not the first time such claims are issued, although this project is better off dead and buried. Another Attempt at Reviving BitConnect. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are all too familiar with the concept of BitConnect.

In the past few days, I have been trying to uncover why the recent mad move of BitConnect value from about $0.5 early this year to over $100 per coin in just 8 months..

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Jun 18, 2018

BitConnect je bitcoinová investičná platforma a kryptomena vydané v roku 2016.